Video Shows Deer Crashing Through School Bus Window Before Landing On Sleeping Student

Screenshot/Richmond Times Review/YouTube

Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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A sleeping student on a school bus had a rude awakening when a deer crashed through the front window and landed on him while he was sleeping, numerous sources reported.

A surveillance video on the Powhatan High School school bus shows the moment the deer crashed through the window while the bus was traveling on Route 13 in Virginia at 6 a.m. on Thursday, according to WTVR.


The deer came through the window and landed on the student sitting in the front seat. The deer flailed its limbs as the student woke up, and the bus driver opened the bus door, letting the deer escape, the video shows. (RELATED: ‘Tough Decision’: Little Boy Explains Why He Missed The School Bus In Viral Letter To Mom)

After the deer exits, the sleeping student stands up and exclaims that he was asleep. The bus driver called for assistance. 

School officials said no one on the bus was injured in the incident, according to WTVR. The deer also appeared to have left unscathed.